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DGD specializes in the safe transport of hazardous materials.

Hazmat Documents

For Air, Ocean and Road we can provide you mobile documentation solutions that will get you compliant and your shipment accepted at the airline, ocean carrier or on a truck for immediate delivery. Hazmat Documents at your doorstep.


For Air, Ocean, and Road we provide mobile repacking. We can handle all your complex hazmat repacking requirements. Providing compliance for any shipment and service at your doorstep.


Our warehousing network can provide efficient solutions for complex and regulated products. Our network will supply you with local permits and federal permits to meet requirements while reducing your companies exposure as well as handling.

Nationwide Overland Services

DGD Hazmat combines asset based trucking with blended brokerage to offer complete 3PL services, LTL, FTL, Expedited, Last Mile Delivery, TSA, TWIC approved carrier, Container Drayage and intermodal services. DGD Hazmat is your one source for it all.

Our Services

We combine compliance hazmat solutions with blended logistics to provide you the ultimate logistics solutions. Our team and assets are here to service your needs and get your shipment from point A to point B quick and efficiently.

  • Hazmat Docs

    DGD HAZMAT provides mobile hazardous material documentation service, on-site, at your doorstep.

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  • Hazmat Repacking

    DGD HAZMAT repacks at your doorstep dangerous goods shipments for air, ocean and road transportation. Packaging types include UN Rated Corrugated Boxes, Drums, crates and IBC’s.

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  • Hazmat Training

    49 CFR, IATA & IMDG Initial Training Personnel Development Course. Our capabilities allow us to train an entire office or single employee per your needs.

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  • Hazmat Warehousing

    DGD HAZMAT offers warehousing infrastructure for all your dangerous goods. DGD operates a 55,000 square feet facility, in South Florida.

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  • Hazmat Compliance

    We know what government officials want and are available 24/7 to aid with regulations. Avoid penalties and heavy fines by always consulting with us before shipping your cargo.

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  • Hazmat Consultation

    How to handle the civil and criminal penalties assessed when a shipment is cited for improper documentation.

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  • Hazmat Checklist

    This checklist, which is used by every major carrier, enables customers to track all shipments.

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  • Hazmat Transportation

    We eliminate the need for outsourcing transportation and move your hazardous cargo to airport cargo sectors or Steam lines.

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