Tips for Shipping Goods

| By: Marketing
When it comes to shipping dangerous materials, there are naturally a lot of precautions and regulations to be on the lookout for. It takes a licensed and experienced professional to be able to reliably transport goods from one place to another. If you are looking to have some hazardous materials transported and are in need of dangerous goods shipping, take heed of the following tips to ensure that your materials are being moved the right way.
1. Ensure Proper ConditionsThere are a variety of regulations and procedures that must be carefully followed to successfully move dangerous materials. For example, most goods need to meet Dangerous Goods IATA and ICAO regulations, especially if they are being shipped internationally. All packages must also be properly packed and labeled according to a strict set of instructions.

2. Know the Risks

When your dangerous materials are not properly packaged, they can pose a huge risk to everyone involved in the shipping and delivery process. Goods that are unclearly marked, hidden or illegal can accrue large fines or cause serious damage.

For example, there are several specific items that are completely prohibited, which include:

  • Dangerous waste
  • War munitions
  • Some perfumes
  • Some food items
  • Some electronics

It is important to check with a professional who is licensed to transport dangerous goods before sending your items out to ship.

3. Understand that Dangerous Goods Covers a Wide Range of Items

There isn’t just one type of material that classifies as a dangerous good. Whether you are transporting hazardous materials, live animals, chemical compounds, medical supplies, exotic food items, plants, spacecraft parts, or overweight cargo, you are still subject to hazardous materials regulations. Dangerous goods shipping comes in all shapes and forms, and there are plenty of available ways to get your goods to where they need to go. Most hazardous materials are typically transported by sea or ground, but can also be transported by air.

Trust in a Dangerous Goods Professional

When moving hazardous or dangerous items, there’s no room for second chances. It needs to be done right the first time. By trusting in 3PL hazardous material shipping experts at DGD Hazmat, you can have your items safely delivered to anywhere around the globe.

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