IATA 5 different Facts You Didn’t Know About IATA

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Anyone in the business of retail trade will tell you, reaching maximum efficiency in the trade process is not as easy as one would imagine IATA. Especially when you are thinking of going international. Lucky the International Air Transport Association was put in place 70 years ago to facilitate efficient international trade (IATA). Here are 5 things you may not have known about IATA.

Airlines: In order to get your products anywhere the goal is to transport them in the most economically feasible manner possible. IATA uses the airlines of 256 different carriers. This means that your products can get to any of the destinations of any of these airlines, virtually anywhere in the world.

Reach: The number of countries reached by the IATA really drives its efficiency. IATA planes touch down in 117 different countries. While that is not all of the countries on the planet it is a hefty majority of most of the places you would want your products to be. In other words, the traffic that goes on IATA airlines equals some 83% of the air traffic in the world, throughout the year.

Business: The amount of business done by the IATA is impressive as well. The total freight for 2013 done by members was some 44 million tonnes, of which 29 million tonnes were flown international. Also, in 2013 there were some 180 billion tonne-kilometers scheduled of which 157 billion tonne-kilometers were international.

Offices: IATA has a long history as a business. Founded in 1945, it consists of 54 offices in 53 countries. The headquarters are in Montreal with an executive office in Geneva, Switzerland and regional offices in Amman, Beijing, Madrid, Miami, and Singapore. Other offices include Washington DC, Johannesburg, Moscow, and Brussels.  

Processing: As a business owner you may wonder: What can IATA do for my business? Essentially, IATA can help process your transportation needs efficiently. With some $388.1 billion financial systems processed in 2014, IATA is a powerhouse unto itself. In the same year they had some $57.8 billion ICH clearing, $37.7 billion ICSS currency clearing, $255.7 billion on their billing and settlement plans as well as $33.4 billion tracked to their cargo account settlement systems.

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