Legitimate Benefits of Hazmat Training at Your Company

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When you are shipping hazardous materials, you should be aware of the benefits of hazmat training.

Properly trained staff help companies avoid fines and penalties with the FAA.

You can avoid embarrassment to your company, industry, and self by properly classifying your cargo.

Improper hazmat documents will cause delays and costly rejections if you pay for speed by going with air freight.

Proper hazmat training prepares you to provide a detailed service to your customer with knowledge and problem solving techniques for hazmat cargo.

Lastly, you are able to safely and effectively move dangerous goods from point a to point b.

Millions in Penalties in Hazardous Materials Over the Past Years

Over the last five years, thousands of individuals, air carriers, and shippers have been fined over 31 million (in civil penalties) for violations that involved hazardous materials.

To avoid this headache and the potential of hefty fines, make sure that you are classifying, marking, labeling, and packing hazardous materials properly.

Failing to comply with these regulations can cause you personal embarrassment with company management, customers, and even others in your industry if they find out about violations that could have been avoided.

Penalties for shipping hazardous materials that are improperly labeled and packed can range up into the tens of thousands.

You may be tempted to send something that is labeled as a hazardous material on a commercial carrier or pack it in your luggage.

If you are found out, you will be subject to an investigation, which can cause embarrassment in many ways.

If your shipment is returned to you because of improper hazmat documents, your business has just been hit with a costly mistake. This also defeats the purpose of getting the items to your destination quickly using air freight.

Hazmat Training Prevents Fines & Penalties

You can solve or prevent these problems by having all employees at your company properly trained in packing, labeling, and having the correct hazmat documents when shipping hazardous materials.

Other options such as obtaining software to help with proper documentation and outsourcing the shipping of those hazmat materials can help you and your company to handle properly this issue.

Your customers will appreciate the detailed service and attention to proper procedure when they become aware of your hazmat procedures.

A Competitive Advantage for Your Business

Your company and its employees will benefit as they learn to safely and effectively move dangerous goods from point a to point b.

The ability to perform this important and essential job duty will help avoid fines and penalties from the FAA.

It eliminates the embarrassment, extra cost, and lost time that comes from improperly classifying cargo and having it rejected and sent back.

You will be able to provide your customers with knowledge and problem solving techniques for special hazmat cargo.

There is no excuse for remaining uneducated about hazmat shipping requirements the risk of getting caught and fined for trying to ship hazardous materials improperly.

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