DOT Hazmat Training For Transportation

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What is a Hazardous Material?


  • A hazardous material is defined by the Department of Transportation as “any item or chemical which, when being transported or moved in commerce, is a risk to public safety or the environment, and is regulated as such.”
  • In order for employers to handle or transport such goods, their staff is legally required to adhere to all codes and complete DOT Hazmat Training.

hazmat training

What Companies Are Required To Complete Hazmat Training?


  • US DOT “hazmat employee” training rules apply to any company with employees who perform any function in any way regulated by the US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).
  • This refers to any of the following but not limited to persons who:
    • Are employed full-time, part time, temporarily or are self-employed
    • Are involved with the preparation of hazardous materials for transportation
    • Operate a transportation vehicle
    • Receives, Forwards, Loads or Unloads any packages containing HAZMAT
    • Determines and classifies each material as either hazardous substance or hazardous waste
    • Handles any and all paperwork
    • Regulates which labels & markers are deemed necessary for specific containers.

hazmat training


General Training Requirements

All Training must be completed within 90 days of employment.

Hazmat Training Courses Must Include The Following Areas:


  • General Awareness / Familiarization

    • The goal of general awareness is to be introduced to everything related to the hazmat industry. From identifying and recognizing hazardous materials to raising awareness of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). All hazmat employees are required to go through this stage of general awareness training.


  • Function-Specific Training

    • Function-Specific hazmat training is what hazmat employees must go through depending on their responsibilities and what operations they perform. It provides a detailed explanation of the HMR and what is expected from DOT regulations for shippers, manufacturers, and transporters.


  • Safety Training

    • This portion of hazmat training will focus on the hazards affiliated with working with such materials.
    • From providing information on emergency response to ensuring proper instruction on safe handling, safety training helps protect the employees from dangers associated with working with hazardous materials and any possible situation he or she may be exposed to.
    • Any employee whose work is related to hazardous material, whether storing or transporting, must go through Safety Training


  • Security Awareness Training

    • Employees who are successfully trained in Security Awareness will be aware of the security risks linked to transporting hazardous materials and will able to effectively recognize and respond to potential security threats. Required at least every 3 years or when applicable.


  • In-Depth Security Training

    • In-Depth Security training will incorporate all security objectives held by the company, employee responsibilities, specific company procedures and actions to take in the event of a breach.
    • All employees who work with materials listed under the security plan must complete this section to complete their hazmat training and education.


Hazmat Training




What DGD Hazmat Can Do For You


DGD Hazmat can help by offering a range of Hazmat Training Courses that are needed to be completed in order to work with hazardous materials.


  • DGD offers a 3-day course that covers all IATA regulations and Function Specific Requirements.
  • DGD offers a 2-day Recurring training that is mandatory to take for hazmat employees at least every three years.
  • DGD offers a 2-day IMDG Initial Training and Personnel Development Course
  • DGD offers a 1-day IMDG Recurring Training that briefly covers all regulations and updates
  • DGD offers a 4-hour Awareness Training on Dangerous Goods and specific function training


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