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Compliant & Comprehensive On-Demand Hazmat

Documents Available Directly to Our Clients


Many companies state outstanding customer service to be a cornerstone of their establishment, and while marketing that angle has its benefits, few organizations, especially in the B2B marketplace, actually demonstrate this notion through their tangible business model. DGD Hazmat aimed at tackling this pressing issue within the logistics industry with innovative technology; to solve a given problem in a manner which is easy for everyone involved. One of the most important aspects of hazmat transportation and warehousing is documentation and the DGD Hazmat team aimed at providing that documentation faster & more accurate. DGD Hazmat’s team of specialists have created a thorough and comprehensive set of documents that ensure items are correctly listed, noted, and set for the next step. The team takes it a step further by providing these assets directly to their client’s front door. Mobile hazmat documentation is one example why DGD Hazmat continues to be the best hazmat, technology-enabled, 3PL solution in South Florida.


Location, location, location.


Location is important in countless industries, but this certainly doubles when it comes to transportation and warehousing. Since one of DGD’s main sites are located near Miami International Airport Cargo Sector, the hazmat specialists are ready to assist you with air, ocean and road documentation. Their ideal location allows them to provide the majority of the South Florida logistics community with same day service. To get started with a competitive quote and to explore your options, click here.




As a technology enable 3PL company, certain advantages arise when compared to the competition, namely through their Hazmat Hub software. Their mobile vans are equipped with all the tools to provide you same day service in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach. When documentation is set, the team can help you further with the next steps. Their Nationwide Brokerage Division of specially trained hazardous material compliance experts are ready to help you with specific hazmat shipments and/or concerns. It doesn’t matter if it’s less than truckload (LTL) or full truck load (FTL) they can produce dangerous goods forms and book your domestic hazmat shipment from any place in the United States. They offer many shipping options, next day, 1 day, 2 days, domestic ground, and express service. End result- DGD Hazmat converts the tedious and difficult process of compliance into a hassle-free procedure.

Our Technology

DGD Hazmat’s easy-to-use software and vans with network capabilities allow us to process documents on the spot. Their team of specialists guarantee the accuracy of their documents to ensure compliance at the point of shipping. If you need information to be changed, they are able to handle it with ease through their system, giving you an updated documentation in minutes. No delays.

Technology Enabled. Service Oriented. Compliant Focused.

WHY DGD Hazmat?

As we have shown, DGD Hazmat is truly customer service oriented, yet, it doesn’t end there. Besides offering comprehensive, online documentation and checklists, they are able to effective provide:

– One-Source Platform  

– End-to-End Consultations 

– Repacking Services 

Training Transportation Services 

The DGD Hazmat team will come to you and help repack and label your entire inventory on site. Your one stop for all your hazardous compliance needs Air, Ocean, and Road. As the best hazmat 3PL company in South Florida, they offer consultations to avoid fines and provide answers in case you are cited for improper documentation, labeling and/or packaging. DGD Hazmat Offers Domestic Hazmat Transportation Nationwide via our FTL, LTL and Expedited Service Options- explore your options here.

Putting you in the driver seat of unlimited options to move your freight!


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