Hazmat Training’s You Should Take

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If you’re investing in a job opportunity that requires you to have a hazmat transportation license, now is a better time than ever to take a hazmat course online. Through online training, you can receive all of the necessary skills and safety procedures required to be licensed to transport hazardous materials. With so many different types of materials and transportation methods available, it can be difficult to understand what exact type of training course you need. Here’s a rundown of the most common types of online hazmat training opportunities to help you narrow down your requirements.

1. DOT Hazmat Training

With regulations coming straight from the Department of Transportation (DOT), DOT hazmat training prepares you for any situation where you will need to transport or come in contact with dangerous materials. This is a United States-approved course that will give you the proper training needed to be certified and licensed in this line of work.

2. IATA Hazmat Training

IATA hazmat training is a specialized course that focuses on the transport of hazardous materials by air. Many courses will train in specific areas that include:

  • Personnel development
  • Shipping of operational products
  • Specifics of dangerous goods

It’s essential to learn what safety features and regulations need to be followed during air travel. This is a very specialized method of transportation, and all precautions should be made to ensure that the materials are being moved safely and effectively.

3. IMDG Hazmat Training

As an important partner in IATA training, IMDG training focuses on the transport of hazardous materials by sea. If you are going to be traveling on a ship for long periods of time, it is essential to take this course – especially if you plan on coming in contact with hazardous materials. In addition to hazmat specifications, you will also be learning about maritime regulations and the requirements for traveling across international waters.

Get Involved with a Certified Course to Earn Your License

DGD Hazmat offers IMDG, IATA, and a variety of comprehensive hazmat training courses to help you earn the licenses you need. DGD Hazmat specializes in the transportation of dangerous materials, across land, sea, and air. If you are looking for professional help in the shipping and receiving of your hazardous goods, or if you are looking to start an online hazmat training course straight from the professional book, get in touch with us today to speak with our experienced professionals!